When lightning is observed, a series of short blasts from an air horn will be sounded. All players should seek appropriate shelter - the Clubhouse, the shelter at #11 tee, the police station at #10 tee, or the superintendent's shop on route 10. One, long, continuous air horn blast will signal the resumption of play.

We sometimes experience delays due to early morning frost. Please do not begin play when fairways are white. In such cases, all attempts will be made to respect that morning's order of play.

Dress Code

Appropriate golf attire and footwear should be worn at all times. No t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, cut-offs , or jogging shorts. Soft spikes are encouraged.  Jeans and Denim are NOT permitted at HCC.

Pace of Play

HCC is known for its fast pace of play. Please help maintain our good reputation. All rounds should be played in less than 4 hours and twenty minutes. Early morning rounds are to be played in less than 4 hours. If a group fails to keep its place on the course and loses one clear hole on the players in front, the group will be asked to catch the group in front and/or allow the following group to play through.

Foursomes, threesomes, twosomes have priority on the course in that order. Fivesomes are only allowed if approved by the Pro Shop staff. Twosomes will be paired during peak hours.

  • All play must start at the first tee unless designated otherwise by the Pro Shop staff.
  • All players must sign in at the Pro Shop before starting play. Each must have his/her own bag.
  • Practicing is prohibited on the golf course. Please use the practice putting green, short game practice area, practice range and practice holes for your practice.
  • All play on the golf course shall be governed by USGA rules except as modified by local rules which are posted in the Clubhouse.
  • Please follow good golf etiquette - Replace Divots, Enter and Exit Bunkers from the Low Side, Rake Bunkers and Leave Rakes in Bunkers, Repair Ball Marks on Greens - Help maintain the good condition of the golf course.