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Hole 8

Hole 8Hole 8 - Par 4/5: The second of the three is the most demanding. Beginning with the tee shot, you need to just keep finding the short grass. This fairway is the widest on the course as it shares the fairway of the ninth hole as well and the angle in is good from anywhere in the fairway. So let it rip!

Short right is a good place to leave a miss into the green if the pin is front or middle; but if the pin is back, better to miss long if you can. If you're playing the hole as a par 5, leave your second shot at the end of the primary fairway with about 150 yards in; or place it in the small landing area to the right of the pond, leaving yourself an approach of about 80 yards.

Once you are on the green, bear down and two putt.

Green 440, Blue 429, White 400, Red 400

Last Updated: 10/16/09