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Hole 18

Hole 18Hole 18 - Par 5: The final hole is a reachable par five for the longer hitters and should be a routine three shot hole for everyone else. The Green and Blue tees are faced with a carry of about 180 and 160 yards, respectively, to reach the fairway and about 235 -240 yards to go through the fairway. Try to fight the urge to hook it around the bend as this will bring into play a long line of trees that usually have an appetite for aggressive shots.

After you are in the fairway, your lay up shot should be placed on the left side of the fairway. Being inside 100 yards and on the left will give you a good look at the green. If your tee shot is well back and to the right, consider laying up in front of the fairway cross bunker.

This green is guarded in the front and on the right by several bunkers and slopes left to right. It has a brow that runs through the middle and curves to the right. You really want to favor the tier the pin is on.

Green 471, Blue 440, White 370, Red 370

Last Updated: 10/16/09