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Hole 17

Hole 17Hole 17 - Par 3/4/5: This hole is played as a par 5, a par 4, or a par 3 depending on the tee that you choose.

     Par 5 - the tee shot is critical. Hit it about 220 yards off the tee and favor the left center. The forced carry is 150 yards from the end of the fairway. Some of the longer hitters might be tempted to try and reach this green in two; my advice is to aim up the right side and let it rip.
     Par 4 - you will be teeing it up at the end of the first landing area overlooking Girl Brook and the Gully. A tee shot of 150 yards plus will carry you across for an iron into the green.
     Par 3 - you are going to be faced with about 160 yards of carry, and for those that can not carry the ball this far, favor the right side to avoid the cross bunker that is set back from the green about twenty yards. A good, running shot will ride the swale to the green.

This green is tiered and sloped back to front. It is always a good idea to leave your approach shot below the hole and on the proper level.

Green 517, Blue 441, White 165, Red 165

Last Updated: 10/16/09