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Hole 13

Hole 13Hole 13 - Par 4: One of the most talked about holes on the course, 13 is a short, challenging par four with all sorts of possible outcomes. Most low handicappers will be looking for a birdie, and everyone will settle for par. Finding this fairway is most important. The tee shot is guarded by a hazard down the right side and a huge hill on the left that usually will not yield a bounce down into the fairway as it is loaded with fescue.

Once you are in the fairway, you need to favor the left side of the green. There is a tall tree that guards the right side, and there are bunkers short of the green that can grab shots hitting the tree.

This green has a spine running diagonally through its middle. Shots beyond this spine will run off to the right. Should be a fun hole if you find the landing area off the tee. If not, take your lumps and chip it out.

Green 359, Blue 354, White 350, Red 314

Last Updated: 10/16/09